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Refer a brand and receive 100 EUR/GBP per referral!

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Discover more great brands at mercavus with your help

  • For each brand you recommend that has a profile on mercavus, you receive a 100 EUR/ GBP voucher. You receive one voucher per recommendation, which you can redeem at any time for orders on mercavus!
  • You can recommend unlimited numbers of brands


  • Recommend the brands with your contact details using the following form: click here
  • Subsequently, we contact the brands and take them online at mercavus
  • For each brand that goes online, you will receive a voucher of 100 EUR/GBP (redeemable from 200 EUR/ GBP order value)

Note: You can only get the voucher if another retailer has not already recommended this brand

Why should I refer a brand?


When your recommended brand comes online, you benefit from the discounts on mercavus (3% cash discount and no shipping costs). Note that brands with which you are an existing customer do not pay any fees to mercavus


You have had brands in mind for a while that you would like to buy for your business? If you recommend this brand, you can order it using all the benefits (3% cash discount and no shipping costs) through mercavus

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